CF Card Recovery Awards & Reviews


CF Card Recovery Awards

What our customers are saying...

"I accidently formatted my 8GB SD card, I came across your software through a google search and installed your demo version. Your card recovery software found all photos/videos and it was a 100% recovery! Amazing ! " --- Steve Spalding

"It worked perfectly, accept for a few images that were distorted. But out of the 980 I had saved, it was nothing!! I downloaded the FREE version with a lot of pessimism. I thought my images were gone never to return again. However when I saw them all pop up I was elated. The $50 to got the full version was nothing compared to the memories of births, wedding that were on that memory card!!! " --- Shirley Kirk

"The program worked very well. I managed to get back a lot of important deleted photos from my CF card" --- Bret Robinson

"I am very happy with the results of the cf card recovery software. Money well spent! I was able to recover 980 photos and videos from our trip to Arizona!" --- Robert

"This product was awesome!!! i've retreived my memory card files, super simple...this program works while others have not..." --- Jason Glassy

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