Get answers to frequently asked questions about the CF Card Recovery.

Q: What if Windows does not recognise my CF card?

A: First check the USB cables to make sure they are seated correctly. If possible check the card on another computer, If the card is still not recognised, then there is a more serious problem. It is highly likely that our specialist memory recovery techniques will be able to recover your data.

Q: The software found all of the files and placed them in a "recovered" folder on my hard drive. but I can't copy or open any of these files and when I close the program all of the files just disappear...

A: Make sure that the software has been activated and they are not still running in demo mode. The tial version can't open and save the recovered files, Once the activation is done, The software will remove these limitations.

Q: What is the difference between the trial version and the full version?

A: The trial version of CF Card Recovery is fully functional except for the ability to save the recoverable files. The recovery software works on a what you see is what you get principle. If you can see the deleted photos using the trial version then they can be saved once CF Card Recovery is registered. Please first use the trial version to determine if lost data recovery is possible. If you cannot find the lost files then registering the program will not help you.

Purchase of CF Card Recovery is via the secure server of our e-commerce provider, MyCommerce Shareit. Your registration key will be sent by email at the end of the purchase process.

Q: What Operating Systems are supported by CF Card Recovery? Can I use it on macOS?

A: Yes, CF Card Recovery runs on both Windows and Mac Operating Systems, and It fully compatible with Windows 11 & macOS 14.5 Sonoma.

Q: I have accidentally erased a photo on my digital SLR camera. Can I restore it with CF Card Recovery?

A: Yes, With this program, you will be able to recover the recently erased photos and videos from your digital SLR camera.

Q: I accidentally formatted compact flash card and now I can't see any of my photos. Is there any chance my photos are recoverable?

A: Most of your photos may still be recoverable though when a format is performed a few many be damaged to a point of being unrecoverable. Most digital cameras do not permanently erase the photographs on your compact flash card when you perform a ’format’. The photos are still on the compact flash card, they just aren't viewable. Unfortunately, some newer cameras have started writing ’zeros’ to every memory location when performing a ’format’. If your camera is one of these, your data will not be recoverable.

Q: Is CF Card Recovery always possible?

A: No. Some digital cameras use a destructive deletion process, particularly when a CF card is formatted. Due to the many hundreds of different cameras on the market it is impractical for us to identify the deletion characteristics of each brand and model of camera. Our best advice is to free download the demo version to see if your lost files are found.

Will not recover photos after a format operation in Fuji & Olympus digital cameras using XD card.

Q: I plugged my flash card into my computer, but your program can't see it?

A: Several things may help.

  1. Try rescanning to refresh the list of devices.
  2. Check all cables and connections.
  3. If that doesn't work, you may try restarting your computer and trying again.

If these still doesn't work, your memory card may have physical or electrical damage that prevents it from being read. In this case, our software will not be able to recover any file from it. Sometimes though a card with a corrupt file system on it can confuse the operating system, and prevent applications from reading the card, and even hang the system. A reboot will often clear this situation. If your system becomes hung after plugging a bad camera card into a USB reader device, and you have trouble restarting, you might try removing the reader device altogether to see if that helps.

Q: Will CF Card Recovery be able to recover videos from my USB flash drive?

A: Yes, it can recover photos, videos and other files from any USB flash drives.

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