How to recover deleted photos or files from a memory card?

recover photos from memory cardHad you ever unexpectedly deleted photos from your digital camera? or had you ever pressed the "Format" button by mistake? So you got all the data saved in your memory card erased, and you feel very desperate. To many friends, this is a very serious problem when encountered. And also, this is a frequently asked question on the web. Actually, it is a good news to you that the deleted or lost photos (or files) are not vanished forever completely. Under most cases, the deleted or lost photos (or files) are still existing in a secret corner in your memory card in hidden mode, that is, there is a way and some tools which may help you find them. If you know this, you need only a professional memory card recovering program (or also called photo recovery software) to help you, and you may get back all or partial of those disappeared photos (or files). It's not a dream but true! In the past days, there are many such people who had ever got back their lost photos (or files). Of course, not all files could be recovered easily without efforts. Before you get your files back, there are some conditions which you should pay attention to.

Firstly, you should stop using the memory card or camera immediately. Especially, you should stop any writing operations on the memory card or disk. You'd better remove the memory card from your camera (or computer) as soon as you find that there are some important photos (or files) disappeared (which may be deleted by mistake, or lost for whatever reason). You should not continue using the card to shot new photos. If you want to continue taking photos, you should use another memory card.

Then, you should connect your memory card to a computer with a card reader. You may also connect your camera to a computer directly.

As to how to recover deleted photos, this article will tell you the skill, tips and tricks. After reading this article, you will be able to recover the deleted photos, videos or other files from memory card easily. You will complete the work yourself in a way as what a professional data recovering company does.

What you should prepare?

A stable, easy to use and professional memory card recovery software is very important, it is a key to the success in recovering photos or files from your memory card. There are many such products available on the internet market at present, but not all are mature, professional and easy to use. Actually, each software has its own features and disadvantages. So it's a question on how to select the best one. In order to reduce your trouble and save your time, I would like to introduce and recommend one to you, its name was called "CF Card Recovery". The software is reliable enough, simple while professional. and it runs on both Mac OS X and Windows, With this software, no matter for normal photo formats or RAW images from DSLR cameras, it can do the recovery work as long as the original data are still existing in your card. There are only several steps which need you to follow. After these steps, you will see those disappeared photos again.

To increase the chance of successful recovering photos, there are some useful and important tips & tricks for you listed as below:

  1. Take out the memory card from your media device (like camera, DSLR, mobile, computer, etc.) carefully, then connect it to your card reader or computer.
  2. If you are using a laptop, please make sure that it has enough power to avoid possible interrupt during the recovering procedure which may be harmful to your memory card or even damage the original data on it.
  3. Don't attempt to use any software or program to fix or repair your memory card.
  4. Don't try to write any new data to your memory card. Before successful recovery, what you should do is to try to keep the original data on the memory card unchanged.
  5. Don't save the recovered photos or files to the same memory card, but save them to another hard disk or an external drive.

The detailed steps are listed as below which will guide you through the whole recovering procedure step by step:

Step 1: Download the software from one of the below URL and install it on your computer.

If you are using an Apple computer, please choose the Mac version from

If you are using the Windows system, then you should choose to download the Windows version from

Step 2: Please connect your digital camera to your computer, If your Mac computer has an SD card slot, you can insert the memory card in your computer. Alternatively, you can insert the SD card in a card reader, connect the card reader to your computer.

Connect camera to Mac computer

Step 3: After the software installation, please launch the software "CF Card Recovery". Then, please select the correct device from the drives list (on the left of window), and select the file types. You may also tick the item "All file types" which will recover all deleted files including any formats like photos, documents, videos, and so on.

Select device and file

Step 4: Click the "Options" button on the left-top corner of the window, then choose an appropriate location to save the recovered files. Your attention please, don't try to save the recovered files to the same memory card, otherwise, it may overwrite the deleted or lost files, and reduce the chance of successful recovery. You'd better select the output location from a hard disk or other external drive.

save recovered photos.

Step 5: After the above steps, please click the button "Start Scan", then the software will start to scan the selected memory card immediately. When scanning, you will see that the photos' file names are showing in the files list view, and you may click one row to preview the photo at the right-bottom area. During the scanning procedure, files will be saved to the configured location automatically.

Scan selected memory card

Step 6: Once the scanning procedure is completed, the software will pop up a dialog to remind you that the memory card recovery procedure is completed and tell you how many files are recovered. Then you may open the previously configured location to view the recovered photo files there.

Scan the selected memory card

What is next? Download the free trial version of memory card photo recovery software below.

Download CF Card Recovery for Windows

Download CF Card Recovery for macOS

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